Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word Meaning

Q-1 Unnerve
(a) Not ashamed (b) Not moved
(c) Unkind (d) To weaken
Q-2 Inobservance
(a) Sudden (b) Innumerable
(c) Attention (d) Not objectionable
Q-3 Unopened
(a) Not hindered (b) Closed
(c) Not obtained (d) Modest
Q-4 Unpack
(a) Irregular (b) Not decorated
(c) To disburden (d) Not appeased
Q-5 Unparted
(a) Not parallel (b) Having no equal
(c) Unique (d) not divided
Q-6 Unpleaded
(a) Not peaceful (b) Not pleaded
(c) Not read (d) Pitiless
Q-7 Unpoetic
(a) Not easily bent (b) Not ploughed
(c) Unpoetical (d) to degrade
Q-8 Unprecise
(a) Not posted (b) Novel
(c) Not occupied (d) Not exact
Q-9 Unpressed
(a) Not prepared (b) Not pressed
(c) Not presentable (d) Unprejudiced
Q-10 Unprofitable
(a) Submissive (b) Not prevalent
(c) Not printed (d) Useless
Q-11 Unpruned
(a) Permissible (b) Not furnished
(c) Not lopped (d) not proposed
Q-12 Unquestionable
(a) Not purified (b) Not drunk
(c) Not followed (d) certain
Q-13 Unready
(a) Agitated (b) Not fit
(c) Unshaven (d) not destroyed
Q-14 Unrecompensed
(a) Not rewarded (b) Not reaped
(c) Irrational (d) not formed
Q-15 Unremediable
(a) Rigid (b) Not trust worthy
(c) Incurable (d) Not joyous
Q-16 Unreserved
(a) Not mended (b) Not contradictory
(c) Frank (d) not required
Q-17 Unrest
(a) Not opposed (b) Not determined
(c) Not upbraided (d) Restlessness
Q-18 Unrobe
(a) Not respected (b) Not revenged
(c) Undress (d) not annulled
Q-19 Unsanctified
(a) Unholy (b) Not royal
(c) Not told (d) not saluted
Q-20 Unscared
(a) With dissatisfaction (b) Unpleasing
(c) Rank (d) not frightened
Q-21 Unseared
(a) Not educated (b) Not hardened
(c) To undo seams (d) Not scientific
Q-22 Unsettle
(a) Not served (b) To unfix
(c) Invisible (d) not dispatched
Q-23 Unsmooth
(a) Not smooth (b) Not sheltering
(c) Not quenched (d) not slumbering
Q-24 Unstaid
(a) Not polluted (b) Inexpressibly
(c) Not seen (d) Volatile
Q-25 Unstrained
(a) Not agitated (b) With the stopper
(c) Easy (d) Inconsistent


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
d c b c d b C d b d c d b
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
a c c d c a D b b a d c